Saturday, August 4, 2018

Where Is Hope

Where Is Hope

Some wise thinker once wrote … “Man can’t live four seconds without hope.”

And so, we seek for hope.

Mankind seeks for hope.  The native Afrikaner seeks hope.  As does the pathfinder in Australia, the weathered old woman in Moscow, the hungry street beggar and the rich business man who just invested a large fortune on the next greatest idea.

Hope abounds.  And in what do we hope?

Where is the greatest source of hope?

The greatest source is found in the God who goes with us every day.  The supreme being who watches our every step.  The one of which the scriptures say, “He never slumbers or sleeps.”

He, God, gives wisdom in every step, peace for every trial, and His presence in every situation.

May you experience the hope and comfort God offers you today.

Be encouraged.

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