Saturday, September 24, 2016

God Loves our Cracks and Flaws

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I have a lyric in my files and I want to share it with you.

I teach a Sunday school class at my church that has 12-15 faithful souls ranging in age from 20-90.  Last Sunday I wanted to make a point of telling them they are still individuals of worth and value.  Yes, even the 90-year-old. 

Isn’t that amazing?

God, in His wisdom, will come in through the cracks of our lives.  He will use the imperfect flaws, the miscues, missteps and the faltering moments, if we allow Him to.  His light will shine through.

I wrote a blog a few years ago about a cracked pot.  I want to tell you about it.

There once was a farmer who owned two pots.  One was a beautiful new pot and the other was old and cracked and broken and chipped.  Every day, the farmer would load his two pots onto his horse and start down the hill to the well.  After filling both pots he would start the journey back home.  By the time the farmer reached his home, the cracked pot would be just about emptied out.  Almost all of the water had leaked out.

One day, after their morning trip, the cracked pot complained to the farmer.  “I’m useless.  I’m no good.  I’m full of cracks and have lots of broken places.  Of what value am I to you?”

The farmer smiled and gently replied.  “Do you see the road that we travel on the way to the well every day?  I always put you on the left side of the horse.  Have you noticed the lovely flowers on that side?  They are beautiful because of you.  I know about your cracks and weaknesses, and as we have traveled this road for all this time you have been watering those flowers and making the road beautiful 

You may be cracked and broken, yet you have a usefulness just like the other pot.  You are just as cherished in my home as the other pot.  Never forget that.

You see, God’s light shines through the cracks in our lives.  And He has done it down through the ages, for He has used a few less-than-perfect individuals.

Zacchaeus was a crooked tax collector, yet Christ called him out.  And after meeting Jesus he pledged to give back double what he had stolen.

Peter had a denial issue.  He was supposed to be a strong follower of Christ, yet in a weak moment, he lost his stand.

David was immoral.  After his affair with Bathsheba he had her husband killed in battle so he could claim her for his own.

How is God using our cracks and flaws?  He can and will, if we allow Him to.

In II Corinthians 12:9 we find this: 
Paul had something called an infirmity, a great weakness.  He prayed many times for God to remove the problem.  Here is God’s response. 

“No, I will not remove this affliction.  Remember, however, I am with you; that is all you need.  My power shows up best in weak and broken people.”

Good news!  Even in our cracked and broken state, God’s light shines through us and He dares to use us even in our weak and broken state.  How beautiful is that?

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

God Loves What He Knows about You

The title of this post is intriguing to me, and I’m the writer.  To think that God knows stuff about my life and He loves what He knows?  How can this be? 

Down through history God has used some amazingly inept individuals.
~Mary was an innocent fourteen-year-old.  She didn’t know “nothing about nothing”.

~David was an adulterer and had a man killed because he wanted the man’s wife.

~Peter denied ever knowing Jesus the night before the crucifixion. 

Talk about some inept individuals – these are fine role models I suppose.

And another thing; God keeps no record of our wrongs.  In Psalm 103:3 we read … God, if you kept a record of our sins, who could ever survive such scrutiny?

And later, Psalm 103:12: “As far as the east is from the west, that is how far God has removed our transgressions from us.”

And God knew all along all of our faults, weaknesses, sins, transgressions or whatever it is you want to call them.

He knows, and He still loves. 


I think we have to agree that God uses the inept.  You see, no one is perfect.  The scriptures say “All have sinned and fall short of God’s ideal standard.”  (Romans 3:23)

I love this idea:  God sees our possibilities and He loves the idea of what we might become.  Can someone say “Amen”?

So, for all of us who are nobodies, inept, weak, frail, and prone to failure, the best news of all is this – God loves you too.

He is not the God of the perfect.

He is the God who redeems the lost and those in need of redemption.

Let’s stand in that line together.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Love in a New Light

A fresh set of eyes look at I Corinthians 13.  Take a moment and reflect with me.

Chapter 13~
Even if I could speak French, Persian, and the ancient Syrian tongue and could communicate with angels, but failed at love, I would be a noisy rumble of irritating sounds.

If I could explain black holes and predict the outcome of world politics, if I was some spiritual guru and my very words could move mountains, yet failed to love of what use would I be?

If I were generous with my ‘stuff’ and gave everything away yet failed to love in that very act of giving, what have I accomplished?

Love lets an erratic driver cut in front of me.  Love holds open a door for a string of people at Walmart to enter ahead of me.  If a co-worker lands the big sale love says “way to go”.  Love does not seek to jump to the head of the line, and it keeps its cool when feathers get ruffled. 

When the down and out get downer and outer, love hurts with them.  And when the down and out get lifted up to a better place, love says “yeah”.

Love protects, finds ways to trust, always hopes and offers hope, and always, always endures.

Love never stops springing forth.  Prophetic utterances will someday end; our voices will someday be stopped; knowledge will vanish.  Even now we know so little.  We can’t comprehend the full truth.

Someday, our lack will be complete, and our limited knowledge will disappear. 

As a child I knew few words.  I understood plastic trucks and homemade go-carts and kick the can.  As a man I put away such simplistic toys. 

My understanding was as if looking at myself in a cracked and cloudy mirror.  I could only see fractions and bits and pieces.  Soon I shall see and be seen with clarity and in proper light and I shall be known by my heavenly name and with my true identity.

Three main ingredients of life remain …

And by far, the most valuable - the chiefest ingredient for all of life … is love.


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