Thursday, January 25, 2018

I've Got Scars-Can God Use Me?

I’ve Got Scars – Can God Use Me?

I’ve got an eight-inch scar on my chest from heart bypass surgery in December.  It’s ugly, and my body is now marred.  Can God still use me?

My left arm has an ugly scar from the wrist to
the bend in my arm from where they had to take a vein for my bypass.  It looks like I was in a knife fight and my knife lost.  Can God still use me?

Scars!  We’ve all got them.  Some are more visible than others, but they are there nevertheless.  And we bare them, proudly, or ashamedly. 

Some are the scars of bad choices, bad marriages, lost money in gambling or bad investment schemes.  Maybe that golden career moved was made of putty, and it crumbled before our eyes. 

And here we stand … scars and all, before the God of the universe.  And what does He see?

Hang on … here comes the good part.

He sees His child, the one He loves with an everlasting love.  He sees one of worth and beauty, regardless of the scars, or how ugly or how long, or how long we’ve born the scars.  He sees us as a person of worth and value because that is His nature.

His nature?

He doesn’t separate the scarred from the whole and beautiful.
He doesn’t like the unscarred more than we who are scarred. 
He wraps up our wounds, our aches, our pains, our brokenness and still tells us “You Are Mine.”

Isaiah 43 is the foundation for this thought. 

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you. I call you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through troubling waters, and nearly drown, or get cut and scarred, when you are hurt, or sick, or diseased, fear not.  I am with you.
These things shall not overcome you, for I am the Lord your God

This speaks to me on several levels. 
~God is aware of us.  He is with us.
~He offers us a measure of help and grace in the middle of our difficulties.

I take great comfort in these thoughts today. 

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