Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What Is Your Drum

What Is Your Drum?

The little drummer boy offered the only gift he could he played his drum for the Christ child. 

I see this poetic act as a metaphor.  And so,
my question is this what is your drum?

Mine is easy.  I write and speak words of hope, encouragement and inspiration.  And sometimes I sing.  Oh, and I too play the drums.  I do it as unto God himself, in the name of Jesus.

I know a lady, Alene, 100 miles south of here who makes the best pies in the world.  And she does it from a heart of love.  Those pies are her drum.

My friend, Carla, sews and does beautiful work.  Her seamstress skills become her drum as unto the Lord.

My mentor, Pastor Jim, has a prayer ministry and has taught seminars all over the US and other parts of the world.  Besides being an insightful minister of the gospel, he offers his prayer ministry as his drum.  What a gift.

And whats your drum?  What can you offer as unto the Lord in service to mankind? 

I know some wealthy people who give out of the generosity of their hearts and bank accounts.  Their drumming through giving is doing great good in this world. 

Maybe we dont have much in the way of gold, frankincense, or myrrh to offer, but we can offer our hearts of gratitude.  We can offer our seemingly meager or meaningless gifts.  You would be amazed at what God can do with a gift offered willingly.

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