Thursday, November 9, 2017

Light Shines Through the Cracks

David was an adulterer, and God’s light shown through his cracks.

Peter was a traitor, and he went on to write some life-changing epistles for generations of Christians like you and me to read and redefine our lives through Christ.

Saul of Tarsus was a human rights abuser.  He persecuted others for their beliefs, until he himself became a follower of the Christ.

John Newton was a drunken sailor, till one day he met Christ and became so transformed by grace that his poem is still heard today – Amazing Grace.

Philip Yancey has a term for these individuals, and for any of us who once led a life of waywardness and then became
 a transformed one.  He calls us ‘trophies of God’s grace.’

You see, these people allowed God’s light to shine through their cracks, and flaws and blemishes.

God has a soft spot for the rebels, the off-track, the stubborn and the resistant to his love.  He just keeps pinging us.  He keeps sending us little messages, little signals that He is still around and that He loves us still.

Yancey again says … “At the heart of the gospel is a God who deliberately surrenders to the wild, irresistible power of love.”

He chooses to love us, through the thick and thin of bad choices, bad manners and dangerous habits.  He loves us through it all, because He wants His light to shine through us to light the way for others. 

Come home to the one who can still use us, cracks, flaws, broken parts and all. 

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