Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Crippled Boy and the King

Once upon a time there was a King.  Let’s call him David.
He had a best friend.  Let's call him Jonathan.

They were close – closer than close, for their brotherly love was of a kindred spirit made in heaven, so to speak.

Jonathan had a father.  Let’s call him Saul.  He once was King Saul, and one day King Saul threw a spear at David and tried to pen him to the wall because of jealousy. 

Saul and Jonathan died in battle one day.

David became King.

Soon peace came upon the land.  As was typical in those days, the incoming King usually preempted any remaining family members of the old regime.  He threw them out, cut off their inheritance, so to speak.  That was the way it was done in the olden days, or so they say.

But David – King David was different.  He had a different kind of heart.

Because of his great friendship and love for Jonathan, he inquired about any remaining family members from Jonathan’s line.

Low and behold a forgotten son still lived.  His name was Mephibosheth, a cripple boy, and a son of Jonathan.

You see, when David became King, the existing family members fled for their lives for fear of severe punishment from the incoming King.  In their haste to escape, a nurse dropped five-year-old Mephibosheth and he became crippled in both feet. 

Well, the King said to his servants, “Go and find this boy and bring him to me.”

And so, it was.  Mephibosheth was found and brought to the palace.  His fear was that some evil might fall on his head.

But wait … there’s more.

The dinner bell rang in the palace. 

King David came in and sat at his appointed place.
Next came members of his family and staff.
~Amnon–son of the King and the clever one
~Tamar–the gracious and beautiful lady
~Solomon–brilliant and preoccupied
~Absalom–son of the King with beautiful hair
~Joab–the courageous warrior

And had you been there that day, you would have heard this ...

Clop!  Clop!  Clop!

The shuffling of feet.  The thud of something solid hitting the floor in regular intervals. 

And finally … finally, coming into view they saw crippled Mephibosheth.

A crippled boy, now a man, slowly making his way up to the King’s table.

You see, David made a promise a long time ago to show favor to any of Jonathan’s family that might still be alive when he, David, came into power.

Mephibosheth was in fear when first summoned to the King’s table.
His fear soon gave way to surprise and relief.  He was invited in, as a cherished guest, a loved one, because of the King’s grace.

You and I are Mephibosheth.  We are crippled, shackled by life in so many ways.  And yet we are invited to the King’s table every day.

“Come, all who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens.  I will give you rest.”

The grace is flowing from the King’s table down to where you and I sit and stand.  We don’t deserve it.  We think our crutches get in the way.  We move at a snail’s pace.  We don’t speak eloquently.  We don’t dress eloquently.  We are ashamed of the rags we wear.  We wonder why we would ever receive such an invitation.

And yet it is offered.  And we receive, because of the graciousness of the King. 

Hope Encouragement Inspiration

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